Have you ever had that feeling that only crying can help fix?  Do you ever feel so overwhelmed with emotion or so caught up in whats going on around you that when you sit and think about it the tears just start flowing? Well, that’s me…

I am a very reserved, quiet and most times an introvert person.  So speaking about and sharing how I feel about certain things does not come easy.  I cry because sometimes I feel overwhelmed; I feel like things around me seem to be closing in and I have no way out.  I cry because sometimes I feel little in faith and question why certain things happen to me even when I consider myself to be a “good person”.  I cry because I feel happy; on those days I sit and just ponder on all that I have accomplished and can’t keep in the tears during those thoughts.  I cry when I am sad, or when I think of and remember sad moments that have occurred in my life.  I cry because sometimes I feel weak from being strong for everybody else and not sure if I am strong enough for myself. But most times I cry just because… just because crying is the natural thing for me when all other emotions fail; when I am not sure what emotion is taking over or not sure how to feel; just because I know when I cry I let out everything and know that I will feel better afterwards.

I cry because I “feel” and with those feelings my outward expression manifests through tears better than they do through speaking.

“But I cry knowing that I am strong enough to sometimes be weak.”


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