Here is a compilation of my favorite series up to date:

Breaking bad– This show had 5 seasons and it was rated as the 3rd most viewed and liked show ever. I would recommend it to anyone.


Parenthood-This show was totally amazing. Its a family show and it had six seasons. It basically tells the story of a family and how they deal with all their ups and downs. The most beautiful thing about this show was how they portrayed the importance of family.


Power– This is probably the best black show ever. Currently it only has two seasons but season 3 is to be released in June, so excited.


Narcos– This is another amazing show based on the real life story of Pablo Escobar. Its definitely not a show for everyone but it definitely is for me. Season 2 is due in September.                                                                    narcos-netflix.jpg






Shameless– If you find someone watching this show, you would probably think they are watching some dumb show but this show is amazing!!!!! Based on a poor disfunctional white family and their father who is an alcoholic, this show is nothing but funny and the things the family does especially the father are definitely surprising. This is a must watch for anybody.



Grey’s Anatomy– This show is everything. Currently on season 12, i dont regret ever starting this show. Most people think its too medical but its more based on the lives of the doctors. This show definitely knows how to get one emotionally attached to it. Shonda Rhimes best show ever.



Jane the Virgin- This show looks like a telenovela but it really isn’t one, maybe 20% of it 🙂 I love this show, and omg, Jane’s father is so hilarious.


Empire– For those who love music like i do, this one is definitely a show to watch. Its an amazing black show and the music the artists produce is totally  amazing and i like how they actually bring in artists into the show.



Private practice-This is another medical show which ended a few years ago. I will never forget it because every episode was so deep and touching. It was discontinued.


The middle– I’m not the biggest fan of sitcoms but this one I love. Based on a poor white family, the characters in this show are so funny. The 20min episodes are definitely worth it.


For better or worse– This is another black sitcom show. Totally funny. I definitely need to continue watching it.


Project runway-I love reality shows and this is definitely my favorite. Its basically a competition between fashion designers battling it out for a huge prize.



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