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So I came across a blogger who came across a quote which I found to be very powerful. It made me think for a moment. I have been trying to find out what my purposes is and I have been praying to God to reveal it to me. I am patient, I have faith and I’m trusting God that in whatever season of my life I am in, I am able to discover a little more about how He wants to use me. I’m still learning, studying the Word and discovering stuff about myself.

The quote:

“When we share what we were brought here to give, we are in alignment with our highest, most powerful selves”

We all have a gift. Gift by definition is something given to another person, to show favor to. The word gift has some sub-categories namely recipient, occasion and category.

Recipient. Who are you gifting your gift to? If you are filled with gifts of the Spirit like words of wisdom, faith or even prophecy who are you speaking to? Who is receiving your word and your gift?

Occasion. When do you decide to give your gift? You may be great at baking but what good is it if you never bake? Or even worse, if you bake for yourself and no one to share with? Have you thought of fundraising and selling some of your awesome baked goods… What is the reason or cause for your gift?

Category. Gifts are often our passions. It is something we are good at. Something that makes us feel great and that distinguishes us from others. We all have a gift and there is no question on that. Believe it. If you don’t believe you have a gift, you don’t believe in living a life full of purpose. And if you don’t know your gift then maybe it’s time to start paying more attention to your feelings and being more alert on what triggers you. If you’ve ever felt excitement over accomplishing something or passionate about a specific topic and see yourself desperately trying to run out of your daily routine, find out what you are running towards! Do you see that light at the end of the tunnel? What is it shining on?! That’s your passion and somewhere along those lines is your GIFT to reach it!



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