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Too many people become haughty when it comes to God, thinking that they know more, or are more “religious” than the next person, putting themselves in a position of power, rather than humility, and that has become a major issue here on earth. That position you lean upon will surely crumble, and true colors will be revealed. We must aspire to be true in heart, to be honest and gracious with our love, without any superiority complexes or doubts.

Everything in this earth will cease to exist. Power, status, money, fame, but love. And Christ is the embodiment of love and love is Christ. Our love should be without boundaries, as Christ’s is.

This is a love song that never ceases to exist, that we must never stop singing.

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  1. shaadohlive says:

    I love your page it’s amazing I’m so inspired to open up and do more with my relationship with Christ thank you


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