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Happy Sunday 🙂

I’m so excited to share with you guys what I have been up to.


I cant believe I’m already in my third month of my protective style challenge/hair growth challenge. So far I am loving it. Less manipulation on my strands and my edges. I have been moisturizing my hair every second day and I seal the moisture in with oombeke oil. I deep condition my hair every week and after every protective style I do a bentonite clay treatment or a protein treatment. I do all my protective styles myself just because hair salons are a big NO No for me (unfortunately I havent found someone who can do my hair without pulling my hair like its nobodys business, someone who wont wash my hair with sulphate shampoos, wont detangle my hair with a small comb and wont blow dry my hair before braiding it). So naaah im good without them 🙂

So far I have had:

Goddess locs (4 weeks)


Crochet box braids (3 weeks)

Wig (1 week)


Godess twist (1 week)


Bun (1 week)

I installed crochet twists this weekend because I wont be doing protective styles that expose my hair due to the current weather. I live in Namibia where temperatures are most likely to reach 35 degrees. It’s just too hot and moisture evaporates from my hair when my hair is exposed directly to the sun. Crochet twists are perfect because my hair underneath is in cornrows and these big twists cover up my hair well. Ain’t no body got time for dry brittle hair 🙂

So far I have trimmed my hair twice (1 cm) just because I cant stand single strand knots. I also only trim when necessary.

I have definitely seen some great improvement in the health of my hair. My hair feels thicker and fuller, and I truly believe its all because of my oombeke oil and my low manipulation styles. I cannot wait to see how my hair will be in December.

Collabo & Giveaway

You all remember Maggy from my previous post (Natural Hair Feature), well we teamed up to do a collabo…..yeahy (and many more to come in the future). Maggy is a fellow Namibian natural and you can follow her on her blog @Hermajesty. Maggy will be starting a hair growth challenge similar to mine and we would like you guys to join us in this challenge. The best part about it is that we will be giving away a little natural hair goodies basket to a lucky natural who is able to retain the most length after the challenge is over. We wont take part in the challenge but we will be sharing weekly hair care tips just to help you on the challenge 🙂 how nice of us hehe. So if you would like to participate:

  1. Please send us your pictures of your hair showing your current hair length with a date stamp before the 15th of September.
  2. You must be from Namibia (to our international followers, our next giveaway will be international) 🙂
  3. Email pictures and a short description about yourself to coilycurlycollabo@gmail.com

The challenge will end on the 15th December 2016. Winner will be announced on the 20th December 2016. We will have a post up soon, on what the hamper contains.

This will be fun, I mean who wouldn’t want to show off and rock their their mane during the summer holidays. So join in and lets get that hair long and healthy. Remember, this challenge is not only about length. Health should always be number one!!!!


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