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Happy Monday lovelies.
I’m back today with a new feature.I would like you to meet Else Victoria  she is taking over the ‘Pardon my Fro’ segment of my blog this week.Victoria is a personal style blogger from Namibia, currently studying in Cape Town. You should check out her blog, its so professional and her personality and her sense of style shines through her blog. Victoria’s hair is absolutely gorgeous and when I started following her I just knew I had to feature her. Read more about her hair journey below 🙂

1.Introduce yourself. Why did you become natural?
Hello! I’m Else Victoria (you could call me either). My journey began when I travelled abroad a few years back. We hung with these black girls with lit natural hair. Like the type of lit you see on Instagram. One was a hairdresser even. I wanted to look like them. My mom was a weave queen then & the hairdresser girl decided to treat my mom to a DC & styled it. I honestly didn’t know natural hair could look so beautiful  and be managed so easily. Talk about light bulb moment. My hair at that point was so thin and damaged from fiery relaxer sessions and constant heat abuse. When we got back, I decided I’d never relax my hair again. I haven’t looked back since. I transitioned under braids for a few months then butchered it off. So a bit of both really?
2.How long have you been natural?
I don’t actually know when one is supposed to starting counting since I didn’t BC. I only actually think about this when someone asks me. I had my last relaxer around June/July 2011, so from then till now.
3.What is/was your biggest challenge on your journey?
Detangling, as petty as that sounds. I don’t enjoy it at all but I have to do it thoroughly since I don’t comb my hair. Another challenge was loving my texture. 4C girls are only really getting love now. People, especially family members and close friends, often told me to relax or I wouldn’t last or that my texture wasn’t meant to be ‘natural’ because it’s ‘unmanageable’. What does that even mean?? Hair braiders didn’t want me. They still don’t, hahaha. But now some of those very people are coming at me sideways with so much love. Sigh. Humans.
4.What do you love most about being natural?
The self-love that comes with it. This journey is deeper than just hair. People only start loving on your natural hair once you start hitting shoulder length or if you have a type 2 or 3 hair texture. I’ve learned to love me and everything about me. So what if my texture is super kinky? God made no mistake. My hair is lit and I don’t need anyone’s compliment or approval to know it.
5.What is your current hair regimen?
Pre-poo- Mixture of oils heated up, slathered on and a cap over it. Cleanse -Bentonite Clay (sometimes I’d add a little olive oil or coconut oil). Deep Condition – store bought DC or mix some conditioner with carrier & essential oils, wrap it and leave it on for 30 minutes to an hour. Moisturize – using the LOC method once my hair is 50% dry after air-drying. I’d then twist or bantu-knot it. Midweek – I’d lightly moisturize using the LOC method: an aloe vera spritz, some grapeseed oil and sometimes my homemade shea butter mix or MoroccanOil Hydrating Styling Creme. I’ll be doing a detailed post on this entire process really soon.
6.What are your favorite/staple products?
Castor oil, Grapeseed oil, Peppermint essential oil, Aloe Vera juice and Shea butter.
7.What is your go to hairstyle?
A sleek low bun with a deep middle part. I’m obsessed with it.
8.Hair care tip for other naturals?
Detangle using a spritz of a cheapie conditioner with lots of  slip, water and an oil (I use Olive oil). Best thing I’ve ever read! Detangling is super easy and breezy.
9.Where can we find you online?
Instagram & Twitter – VFDblog.
10.What would you like to see more of in the natural hair community in Namibia?
I’d love to see more blogs and vlogs on natural hair and awareness thereof. Let’s support each other and create our own opportunities here too.

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