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In the life of a believer, we are faced with persecution, trials, and even temptation. But I’ve learned that the more you are in the Presence of God, the more therapeutic each session becomes.

Each day we are physically, mentally and emotionally drained and the only thing that can bring healing to such fatigue is resting in the arms of the Almighty God. Imagine working in the sun all day. The heat of the sun has you sweating and the workload has your every muscle sore. But then it’s time for break, and you find a large, shaded oak tree to sit under and there’s water and fruit for you to enjoy. Well God is that tree, the water is the Holy Spirit and the fruit is the Word waiting to revive you and give you the rest needed. Take rest in God’s presence. Delight yourself in His word. 

Nothing will seem unbearable!  

May the rest of your week be filled by His presence 🙂


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