Weeks into the last month of the year and I have decided to take stock! This year has been quite challenging while filled with blessings at the same time.


In  the office writing this post.


Emeli Sande-Long live the Angels……what an amazing album. I love all the songs. The long wait was definitely worth it.


Rain. I believe its going to rain today. It makes me so happy because I see rain as God pouring down his blessings on His people.


Muesli and plain Yoghurt. Loving it so much, trying to incorporate some fruit into it to give it some extra sweetness.


On some water. First thing i have every morning and this does wonders to your system people – try this, get accustomed to it and Thank me later. I bought a 2L container and I try to finish it everyday. It makes me feel so light and it prevents me from snacking unnecessarily.


Sushi and Wine, nothing beats that!!!!


Dresses and sandals lately. I’m loving dresses because they don’t require you to pair it up with something like jeans. You just slip it on and you are ready to go. It is summer.


No books but I’m researching on some stuff….planning on starting up something next year, I’m so excited.


So much TV lately, my TV is finally fully equipped and I’m loving my new couch. Loving animated and adventures movies.

Can’t Believe:

How the world is changing so fast.


To be ok and to trust God each and every day.


Sad and happy at the same time. Lets focus on the good 🙂


God is with me and is for me…..comforting.


My sister and best friend so much. I love them so much and I cant wait to see them again.


That i am ready to spread my wings in 2017. 2016 has been a year of spiritual and emotional growth for me. Ive changed my thinking dramatically. Moving away slowly but surely from the things of this world and society and focusing more on God.

Looking Forward:

To my new business and to 2107 in general. Its going to be an amazing year!!!

Still Amazed:

By how fast this year went by. So much has happened.


My cousins company. She came to visit for the holidays and this girl brings me so much joy. She hugs me every day when i come home from work. I find it so special. She lights up my world in so many ways and she just makes me forget about everything I’m sad about.


How hard it is to control ones thinking, but it is something that I need to master.


About next year (I know Ive said it already), but I’m believing and speaking positivity into the next year.


A new hairdo, something different. Lets see what I decide on this weekend.

Thinking About:

My new business idea. I’m so excited guys.


Everyone a blessed Christmas and the last few days of the year.


To be the best version of Me next year. This self discovery journey is amazing and it feels good when you live the life you believe in and a life with God in the center.


What to do for Christmas and New Years. I still have no plans 😦

Can’t Wait:

To hug my sister.


For everything God has done for me this year. I’m grateful for all my family and friends. I’m grateful for every good thing in 2016 and every bad thing because lessons have been learnt.


7 thoughts on “

  1. drewkiercey says:

    BAAAD (and bougie, lol) list. Mad concept.

    I am inspired to write My 5:

    I am now a working woman. When did this happen? I don’t feel like a woman

    That I found blogging to be another part that unlocks my soul. I have been waiting to feel alive? Free? Closer to my self? True?… my whole life.

    Original series original movies. Insecure and Atlanta are liffe.Was surprised how flawless Moonlight was and how in further thinking I saw myself in Chiron, his life is a basic mirror of mine. MInd blown.

    Living on a university hall. Feeling like one of the guys, being that gentle tomboy made for a world of male friendships that I never thought possible before

    I am nothing who I thought I was. And how hard it is to get to who I want to be.



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