Weeks into the last month of the year and I have decided to take stock! This year has been quite challenging while filled with blessings at the same time. Continue reading

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Today I will be sharing with you an article I came across, about being a godly woman. It is beautiful in all its forms and its a perfect reminder for someone like me, a young woman on a journey with God. Continue reading

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Happy Monday lovelies.
I’m back today with a new feature.I would like you to meet Else Victoria  she is taking over the ‘Pardon my Fro’ segment of my blog this week.Victoria is a personal style blogger from Namibia, currently studying in Cape Town. You should check out her blog, its so professional and her personality and her sense of style shines through her blog. Victoria’s hair is absolutely gorgeous and when I started following her I just knew I had to feature her. Read more about her hair journey below 🙂

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